Roman blinds

Roman Blinds

Example of a Roman Blind

All fabrics are available as a Roman Blind.

Roman blinds are fully lined and corded and are supplied complete with aluminum headrail and brackets ready for hanging. A cord locking mechanism is used for easy control over the blind. Our headrail is a fully enclosed system with a sidewinder mechanism and a choice of white, silver or gold coloured chain.

If a blind requires more than one width of fabric the blind will be made with a full width central panel and a smaller pattern matched panel at each side. This will usually be required for blinds wider than 132cm, depending on the original fabric width.

Blackout Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds can also be made with a blackout lining for an additional charge. Please note that although the lining is blackout, some light will still be visible around the edges of the blind. To minimise this effect make sure that your blind extends at least 10cm beyond the edge of the window.


Any size is available up to a maximum width of 250cm and maximum drop of 240cm. To see our measuring guide please click here.